Manual Too Many Valentines: with audio recording (Robin Hill School)

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Too Many Valentines by Margaret McNamara

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Too Many Valentines

About The Author. Margaret McNamara. About The Illustrator. My studio is covered in pictures of plants and animals, which are a constant source of inspiration and joy. I like being in the city with friends, movie theaters, bars, etc. How does that affect us? They depict exactly what I imagine while listening to your music.

The Luck of the Irish

This record is very evocative and has a magic ability to conjure imaginary vistas. What do you visualize when listening to your music. Like a movie or book, this record requires undivided attention — listen and daydream. Thread-sewn clothbound hardcover Drawing on front cover in silver foil 4 color offset Size: Revolving around those cabins, a spoon, a chair, blankets and apples are shown in the book.

February 7 — 11, Published with the support of The Cultural Gallery. This book has been conceived as both a prism and a manual. The experimental is first and foremost a spirit, the spirit of the exploration of unknown territories, a spirit of invention which sees musical composition more as a voyage into uncertain territories than as a self-assured approach working safe within the bosom of fully mapped out and recognized lands. A Little Breeze Menu Music For Video Game Distant Patterns Chanterai por mon coraige Erg Herbe JAB says the record was gestated for nearly a decade while he worked out how to fully express his own sound and ideas.

Through this unique mixture JAB creates a record which moves outside the conventional. Primarily recorded at The Schoolhouse, the Brooklyn loft where he lives and works that will also serve as the site of a launch event for the album this spring , Erg Herbe taps into the rich history of New York loft music, recalling downtown artists like La Monte Young, Phill Niblock and Laurie Spiegel.

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And those personalities are relaxed, inquisitive, friendly and unique — how I strive to be. His various projects with filmmakers and installation artists like Peter Burr also add to this vivid impression of a New York artist out and about, working on many levels at once. The sound of Erg Herbe reflects this cross fertilization of artistic activity. A fitting title for an album that combines worlds: minimal and lush, serious and playful, real and imagined. Out March 7th, on Shelter Press. Enter the Bristle Strum 2.

Corrosion Kingdom 3. The Tenth Part of a Featured World Recorded between September and December , this three-track EP is about finding stillness, tranquility and beauty in a dystopian landscape. For those new to Eli, his sound lies at the intersection of jazz, improvisation, fusion, modern classical and electronics. Although the music press has often tried to identify his work in terms of specific genres, he remains boldly on his own musical and aesthetic path. Stadium received record of the year from Boomkat and placed in countless end of year lists.

Since copies of Stadium are sold out, a repress of the album will be released the same day as Empire on February 14th. Instruments drums, percussion, vibracelesta, vibraphone, amarelion, violaskapa, organ, rhodes. Following a serie of locks in the countryside, the book offers a derive over the course of 32 new images. Limited edition of copies, printed on high gloss paper with gloss varnish on front cover. Bound with black staples. The book is structured around a gathering of black and white images and of a notebook which regroups the body of texts.

These two groups induce a dialogue for free circulation between the narratives proposed by the authors, functioning in resonance with the image of the story simultaneously local Aubervilliers and certain agricultural zones of Mali and Senegal and global the story of these localities in the light of colonial and post-colonial history and the geopolitical and economic movements throughout the world that they implied that this plant history reveals in the book and in the artistic project called Soil Affinities.

It proceeds from simulated diegetic sounds which are part of the action interwoven with real sounds — a musical creation that makes up an extra-diegetic sound score. This composition dizzyingly sculpts the space on stage and generates an impression of great spatial depth, which activates light-sculptures that in turn evoke the illusion of a tunnel, whose depth also results in a play of reflections. Through these different media, the aim is to develop and shatter — without looking to resolve — the exceptional intensity that can arise from the dialectical tension between presence and absence, as well as from the characters that are seeking flight.

The music, originally performed on a multichannel spatialisized soundsystem has been distilled to this stereo version for home use, halfspeed mastered and cut by Matt Colton. First edition of copies on clear green wax. Printed artwork on innersleeve with matt varnish and outersleeve with aqueous UV finish. DL card included. For more informations about The Pyre and its complete credits: www. The work is linked to an idea of maritime biologist Rachel Carson, who wrote that the percentage of salt in the sea is equal to the salinity of our blood.

This idea supports a theory that all life comes from the sea. Imagine the first life forms, with porous skin or cell walls, through which the sea could freely flow into and out of their small bodies. At a certain moment, however, these life forms evolve. They come out of the sea and develop a different type of skin, one that allows them to keep liquids within their bodies. These liquids are ultimately seawater, and so the creatures — as do we — carry the sea with them, no matter where they go. In a way, transcribing and performing the sounds of the sea are exercises in listening and meditating out loud.

At the same time, they are exercises in imagining or remembering that we are actually part of the sea. Intended to be performed by 51 participants, the score is printed on 60gsm uncoated paper, and slipped in a silkscreened PVC sleeve, with instructions printed on front.

First edition of copies. LP Total pressing : copies Printed artwork on sleeve and innersleeve with high gloss lamination finish. When is one plus one not two?

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When two paths converge and a new one appears. But what is this newly activated neural pathway? A Third Mind? In the s, multimedia artist Brion Gysin cut through the words of a newspaper and rearranged them to reveal a new kind of truth contained within the words but not freed until his knife cut it loose. He described this as part of the Third Mind.

But you could equally equate it with entirely different recording sources. Warm, comforting and also unsettling in unpredictable ways. Deliberate yet exploratory. Following historical guidelines yet also throwing them out of the window. Love and lyricism win, the music soaring from deep water to interstellar galaxies. We simply cannot give you the full depth here.

Too Many Valentines: with audio recording - Margaret McNamara - Google книги

Art by Julien Carreyn. Out on November 9, Lotus Awnings 3. Flying Floor For U. Airways 5. Which Swarms Around It 7. Fifty Four To Madrid 8. French Lick 9. Was The Singing Bellowing The Driver Stops Fashion Of Echo Bell Underpinnings. New York-based artist Eli Keszler is at the apex of his career. The constant blurry motion and ever-changing landscapes of the fast-paced island helped him modify and shape his sound into a new kind of film noir.

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We looked at each other at the same time and had the same thought. It could have gone any number of ways.

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Keszler is often mistaken for an electronic musician, but in fact his sounds are raw and natural, produced by hand live in-situ.