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Ava is now his personal sex slave and Michelle is being given a special cocktail every morning that makes her uncontrollably horny, she's already got a reputation for being one of the nastiest slaves the dungeon has ever held. The Overlord is getting more and more rough with Ava's human body.

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Ava and Michelle are trapped inside the ancient castle Valanya, a dungeon of sexual depravity and despair ruled by The Overlord. The Overlord is an evil beast whose insatiable hunger for sexual gratification is matched only by his appetite for cruelty.

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Michelle has been thrown to the grotesque horde, however He's taken a special interest in Ava. They arrive at an evil looking castle filled with unimaginable horrors and sexual depravity. The women will be under the direct control of The Overlord as they join his collection of beautiful young female sex slaves.

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Their bodies are to be sacrificed to the grotesque beasts held deep in The Overlord's dungeons. If they are lucky, The Overlord will chose them for his own personal pleasures. They slipped through a door, which Ava had mistaken as a closet, and Ava found themselves in a private elevator.

The terrible monsters screamed and groaned and those who could speak shouted out with their wild lust. Finally The Overlord stopped before a cage and smiled a wicked grin.

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A large, giant beast came lumbering out. November 15, Synopsis: Life has been anything but kind to Mary Chase.

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  6. I was also really happy to see Tinker finally find himself a mate in this book after being the "third wheel" in previous books within the series. My three cats know me as pride alpha, I like to think so, though servant is probably more accurate.

    The Proud Three

    I think all readers of the paranormal romance genre will enjoy this fun, fast-paced read. In Kate Douglas' latest release in the Wolf Tales series, we learn about the lives of six young, new, Chanku. In the beginning of the book they are split up.