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Things have been so crazy that I forgot all about blogging for Mr. First Simple Things Sunday in over 6 months is about our little friend who was just passing through, Pipsqueak. Labels: simple things. Every year, we have a friend Christmas party. Ebooks

Unlike most Christmas parties, there is no dressing up, no fancy meals, no large crowd of acquaintances you barely know. It's a casual, pizza munching, small friend gathering where it really is about just relaxing with friends before the holidays. Best part is The No's get to spend time together and just have fun. Labels: Christmas , simple things. Two buds hanging out, watching the snow being cleared throughout the neighborhood and enjoying each others company.

No better way to spend a snowy Sunday morning! Thursday, December 12, Adventures of Eggnog Evergreen.

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Our Elf, Eggnog Evergreen, has been back since November 30th. He was supposed to wait until Mr.

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No's birthday on December 1st but Mr. No just couldn't wait one more day! Most of our book related adventures can be found in this post and here are the rest of them! Day 1: Eggnog arrives in style No silly reindeer for our elf! And as long as Mr Sproutface and Mr Wibbleton have their jumpers, a bowl of minestrone soup, and each other, they will find a way to keep their dream alive.

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The following is a summary of the stories: Mr Sproutface and Mr Wibbleton, committed jumper wearers, museum visitors and lovers of Minestrone soup, are looking for a way to escape their work in the circus. Photos 3. Supporters