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Nuclear War Card Game. Thomas Disch — Alien flora is seeded on Earth, and quickly comes to dominate all landmasses, threatening Human extinction. John Christopher — Civilization destroyed by massive worldwide earthquakes.

Television adaptation of the Novel of the same name. Daleks - Invasion Earth AD. The jungle in Africa starts to crystallize all life and expands outward. Harry Harrison — Made into the film Soylent Green directed by Richard Fleischer — showing a world where humanity had become massively overpopulated, and a vague ecological disaster is creating a growing dust bowl, and the entire economy is collapsing. Late August at the Hotel Ozone. Czech title: Konec srpna v Hotelu Ozon [47] [48]. In the Year [ citation needed ]. Journey to the Center of Time [ citation needed ].

Kavan, Anna — earth threatened by Nuclear winter. Written by Harlan Ellison , this Earth is the result of an American supercomputer made for war becoming sentient and going rogue, driving humanity to extinction and leaving only five humans alive to be tortured for eternity by the now-omnipotent supercomputer, christening itself AM both after its original designation of Allied Mastercomputer and the quote " Cogito, ergo sum ". This was later turned into a point-and-click computer game, where AM was voiced by Harlan Ellison himself.

by Alvin Orloff

Rite of Passage. Alexei Panshin — Earth, after building a dozen or so Ships and seeding a number of colony planets, is destroyed. The Ships are technologically advanced, but the colony planets have all to some extent regressed technologically. The Ships' populations are managed on strictly eugenic lines: as part of this, they deliberately strand their young on colony planets for a month in the Trial , both to weed out bad genes and as a rite of passage. Nebula Award winner, Hugo Award nominee. Planet of the Apes [22]. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

The Three Booms Of Prophecy

Dick — basis for the film Blade Runner. The God Machine. John Brunner — Set in a future of extreme over-population. The Bed Sitting Room [51]. Originally based on a play by Spike Milligan and John Antrobus.

Me-Time Tales: tea breaks for mature women and curious men

Roger Zelazny — made into a movie and a Hawkwind song Heroes and Villains. Marco Ferreri Italian title: Il Seme dell'uomo [54]. The Ice Schooner. Michael Moorcock — Set in a new ice age on earth. Beneath the Planet of the Apes [55]. The second film in the Planet of the Apes feature film series. The Last War. Kir Bulychev — in Russian language. No Blade of Grass [56]. Based on the novel The Death of Grass.

Volcanic apocalypse. Doctor Who serial Inferno in which attempts to tap the Earths core for power leads to a volcanic apocalypse. Glen and Randa [22]. The Omega Man [59]. The Overman Culture. Global warming. Mutant The Plastic Eater. Kit Pedler , Gerry Davis. A microbe designed to eat waste plastic gets loose. Directorial debut for Douglas Trumbull. An ecologically-minded astronaut struggles to save the last bio-dome preserving what's left of Earth's wildlife.

Worship Not The Creature: Animal Rights And The Bible by J.Y. Jones

Adventures with uncooperative droids and the rings of Saturn ensue. John Brunner — The United States is overwhelmed by environmental irresponsibility and authoritarianism. The End Of The Dream.

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A Thief in the Night. Doomsday Machine. In , a crew of space travelers tries to colonize Venus after Earth is destroyed by a " doomsday device ". Directed by Herbert J. Leder , Lee Sholem , and producer Harry Hope.

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Battle for the Planet of the Apes [ citation needed ]. The fifth movie in the Planet of the Apes feature film series. Genesis II [60]. Refuge of Fear [ citation needed ]. Spanish title: El refugio del miedo [61]. Directed by Peter Fonda. A research team discover a way to travel into the future, and in doing so discover that a worldwide ecological catastrophe is imminent.

They send a group of earnest teenagers forward in time to repopulate the Earth after the disaster — but it doesn't end well. Flight of the Horse. A manga series by Go Nagai that tells the tale of a Japan devastated by a massive earthquake and mass volcanic eruption and isolated from the rest of the world, with the remnants of humanity divided between the strong and the weak. A sequel to Nagai's Devilman series. Stephen King — An unknown phenomenon makes Earth's machines turn against humanity. It was later made into the movie Maximum Overdrive , which added an alien invasion subplot. The Camp of the Saints.

The Third Cry. Planet Earth. Made for TV movie. A mutated virus created by a solar flare destroys virtually all of the human population. One family has survived, and endeavors to travel across America to their family home. Prophecies of Nostradamus. James Herbert — The last two novels of The Rats trilogy show how after a nuclear war, humanity is overthrown by mutated Giant Black Rats. A Boy and His Dog [22]. A young man Don Johnson and his dog Tiger, the dog actor struggle for survival and encounter strife in a harsh, post-apocalyptic wasteland where food, water, and women are scarce.

Based on the writings of Harlan Ellison. Black Moon [ citation needed ].