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In the second part of the book, he shows how to implement each one of these seven rules within daily life:.

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The book is focused, easy to read and understand, well organised and contains practical and unique exercises which Steve has developed himself and succeeded using. For example what is your aim in life? What is your message? How to feel united with everything? And many other exercises that are focused on getting results. His success clearly shows this from every possible direction. The publishing house is Hay House owned by Louise Hay and they are the ones who sent me this book through Steve, So firstly thank you to them and to Steve Pavlina for an excellent book.

I wish for him that this will be one of many books which he will share with the worldwide audience. After I finished interviewing John for my website, we started talking freely about various subjects.

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Before I replied I preceded and said humbly that by Israeli standards this amount is considered high. When I told him the number, he smiled at me and said that the number of surfers who visit my website is considered high even in an international standard…and then he asked me if I know of Steve Pavlinas website.

How "Personal Development for Smart People" gave me a New Perspective • Andrew M. Crusoe

When I entered the website I was impressed by the number of articles… Steve had written over articles on the subject of Personal Growth. I connected to his authentic way of writing and I was especially appreciative of his courage to share every aspect of his life that is connected to personal growth.

When you read his words you feel as if you are in a personal development reality show where Steve is the main part, there are cameras everywhere and they are reporting on every detail in his life.

One day he can write a very well organised article, almost scientific, mathematical and based on facts. As he explains in his book, Steve is in favour of 30 day experiments. Get Inspired Alex Ziv. The first batch of inspirational posters I created included a quote of his regarding courage and fear. For those of you who have never heard of Steve Pavlina before, he created what has become the most-read personal growth site on the planet: StevePavlina.

And I consider this book as one of the most holistic and purest distillations of fundamental growth principles of our time. Quite correctly, he points out that:. People who are dead broke have travelled the world. But I may be getting ahead of myself. So much could be said about this book, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Steve has tapped into a system of thought that has its roots stretching far back to the very foundation of the human race.

Once you read the book, this becomes more evident. Overall, the book could be considered the first book to propose an all-encompassing Unified Development Theory. For decades, scientists have been searching for a Unified Field Theory to explain all four of the basic universal forces under a single theory.

Day 16: Creating Financial Abundance

These four basic forces are gravity or the gravitational force , the electromagnetic force, and two forces you may not be familiar with: the strong and weak nuclear forces. Although physicists have thus far been apparently unsuccessful at discovering a workable Unified Field Theory, Steve Pavlina has succeeded in doing this with human development theory by distilling personal growth down to three universal principles: Truth, Love, and Power. When isolating the core principles of human development, it was important to Steve that the principles be universal, applicable to anyone, anywhere, in any culture, at any time, to all areas of life, and be essentially timeless.

Tall order perhaps? When searching for a fundamental principle of consciousness, we should ask nothing less; and the principles Steve isolated meet these qualifications. The first part of the book focuses on the fundamental principles of Truth, Love, and Power; and how these 3 core principles work together to form Oneness, Authority, Courage, and ultimately Intelligence. Summarized, the core principles are defined as:. Truth: The ability to perceive ourselves and reality as accurately as possible. Love: The essence of the decision to connect with someone. Power: The ability to consciously and deliberately create your world around you.

The book then focuses on how these three principles work together to form Oneness, being Truth and Love working in harmony; Authority, being Truth and Power working in Harmony; and Courage, being Love and Power working in Harmony. And when Truth, Love, and Power are harmoniously aligned, Intelligence is the result. Looked at another way, your intelligence is proportional to your ability to be aligned with Truth, Love, and Power.

The first 7 chapters of the book outlines these 7 core principles. The second part of the book focuses on the practical application of each of these principles and dedicates a chapter each to habits, career, money, health, relationships, and spirituality. Most of the pragmatic advice is contained in the second half of the book. Steve devotes a section to each of the 7 principles within each chapter, so no angle is left unexplored.

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One of my favorite aspects of the second half of the book was a list of 66 habits that can help boost your personal effectiveness. My favorites were:. Insanely Bad. Defeat perfectionism by completing your task in an intentionally terrible fashion, knowing you need never share the results with anyone. Go with your gut instinct. Explain your most challenging problems to several other people, and invite all the advice, feedback, and constructive criticism you can handle. Paying it forward. When an undesirable task is delegated to you, re-delegate it to someone else.

Troll Hunt. Mindsets are contagious.

Be loyal to truth, love, and power; not your pity posse. I recently did this on my Twitter account.

602: End Goals vs. Means Goals by Steve Pavlina

Throughout the second half, he offers an excellent variety of questions, challenges, and real world exercises in relation to these 6 areas of life. When these questions, challenges, and exercises are honestly answered, attempted, and explored, they have the potential to reshape your entire perspective on reality. One part in particular caught my eye. When Steve discusses how a message is separate from a medium, he makes an interesting statement that teased my imagination:.

My message is about consciously growing as a human being, but I can express that same message through different media. I can write about it, speak about it, or even make a movie about it if I wanted to. I realize that Steve is discussing his work as an example of how a message can show up in different media, but one does wonder.

Consider that with over 2 million monthly readers to his website, Steve has already more than proven his ability to write compelling content, and I would be quite interested to see his talents applied to scriptwriting. In Personal Development for Smart People , Steve made some of the best possible decisions on what to quote from the generations before him.