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YOU get to decide where you start and finish. There is no right or wrong way to experience the event. All forms of non-motorized transportation are permitted , including walking, biking, skating, scooting, jogging, running, ambling, and strolling. Golden Streets is NOT a race.

There are no finisher medals or awards. Only miles of smiles. Share the road.

Please stay right and exercise caution so everyone can have a safe, enjoyable day. A poo would show up brilliantly though and definitely be all sorts of metaphors. Again, slightly spoiling it, the artist, Maurizio Cattelan, is ahead of us here.

But traditionally thieves are willing to make a bit more of an effort for things that are made of solid, carat gold. Get some sort of professional security would be my advice. Does he just mean that no one would want to pinch all that gold because it might have poo and wee on it? It just seems fun, like an Ealing comedy. Another story made me doubt myself. Unsurprisingly, some Rutlanders are up in arms at the prospect.

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I was surprised by my own spite and it made me question my motives for liking the lavatory theft. Which brings me to David Cameron. The former prime minister has been cutting a surprisingly sympathetic figure as he plugs his book, with apparently wholehearted contrition for some of his most egregious failures and beguilingly expressed condemnation of the arseholes those failures brought to power. But the consequences keep mounting.

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Millions of us feel more confused, worried, conflicted, angry and just plain mean than ever before. He let the country down so catastrophically, and such ignoble fools and villains have come to prominence as a result, that, next to them, he looks comparatively statesmanlike.

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