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When they step into their role, they usually find themselves with new sometimes competing priorities.

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And when new tech leads lack balance, they end up losing sight of what success for themselves and their teams should look like. And you have pull requests, JIRAs, alerts, migrations, and other teams begging for your attention.

Oh, and you have an evolving, interconnected product mission that your team should be working towards. Somewhere along the path of leadership, new tech leads can become overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt out.

How does that happen? They almost always do this with good intentions.

Mountain Lion isn’t a walled garden (yet), but it has a Gatekeeper - 9to5Mac

To manage, new leaders often adopt the role of a gatekeeper early on and have a hard time letting go. A gatekeeper controls the flow of information in an attempt to narrow focus and avoid surprises. You might be a gatekeeper if:.

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While gatekeeping can often be detrimental to a team, this leadership role is extremely helpful for new members of a team or for someone new to a skill. Helping them digest their projects and giving thoughtful review of their work benefits both that person and the team, because too much autonomy could result in them getting stuck, going down the wrong path, creating more work for the team, and probably feeling like an imposter. By reducing autonomy, they can focus on skill growth and be protected from mistakes and outside forces. But if you remain a gatekeeper as an individual contributor grows, they might end up underexposed.

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Their potential will likely be squandered. There are a handful of each of these two species still flying around but they have been overtaken by the Gatekeepers. Another of the browns, the Ringlet, can also be found in the damper spots of the Meadow, but they too are now over. Another name for the Gatekeeper is Hedge Brown, as it is commonly found in tall grasses along hedges or woodland edges, although it also favours open meadows with tall grass.

source url Its caterpillar feeds on a wide range of grasses such as fescues Festuca spp. The butterfly is common and widespread in southern Britain.

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If you find a basking adult - with its wings spread out to catch the sun - it is quite easy to distinguish the males from the females right , as the male has a dark sex brand, like a black streak, on the forewing see top photo. These charming small butterflies can often be seen nectaring on the yellow fleabane or purple knapweed that grow in the Meadow.

My wife and I were bowled over by the amazing spring colours of rhododendrons and azaleas and there was literally colour everywhere. Eggs are laid singly on the leaves or on the bark of shrubs, though some may be simply ejected into the air.

Isaac the garden gatekeeper

They hatch after about three weeks and the emerging caterpillars feed on the tender young leaves of grasses. Development is very slow, and takes about eight months, with the caterpillar hibernating through the winter before continuing its development the following spring. During the daytime, the caterpillar hides head-down in a clump of grasses, only climbing up to the tips to feed at night.


With their growth complete by early June, they then pupate, emerging as adults after three or four weeks. GBW Species. Gatekeeper Pyronia tithonus A now rarely-used name for this species is Small Meadow Brown, reflecting the similarity in appearance with its larger cousin.