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At Eternity's Gate

But he is not only an idealistic man but also an honorable one. He excels as a soldier despite the abuse and eventually gets to train a squad of his own. With a stern hand in training and a friendly disposition in the barracks he creates a little brotherhood around him, but they are all still subjected to the tortures by the veterans. With this repetition of abuse inside the system Kobayashi establishes one of the strongest anti-military statements ever put on film.

He directly confronts the sadism the military inspires and condemns it. And as the first film ended with a disappointment for our hero, Kobayashi sets up a new one with this band of recruits that Kaji is leading. So one day I asked, "Lord, if I am to speak to the people about salvation, will You give me something to tell them about eternal life? I can't even comprehend in my mind how far the East is from the West.

The Lord said. Let that represent eternal life.

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Now take a pin and prick the ground. That pin prick represents your present life. That would be zillions upon zillions of our present life spans! To top that, He then asked, "What happens when you start the pin into the earth next to the prick you just made?

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I could see that when the pin started into the earth next to the prick just made, it started to fill the original hole. As more pricks were made around it, the hole becomes completely filled in. If you were to try to cover the Earth with pin pricks, you wouldn't ever get outside a square inch because the pin pricks would be continually filled back in.

And the Lord said to cover the earth. What an analogy! Find someone and personally declare your belief to them.

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